Simple Ways to Celebrate Ramadan


Muslims around the world will honor this Islamic holy month with festivities and celebrations. If you’re looking for simple ways to celebrate, or if you’re a non-Muslim family looking to expose your children to another culture, take a look at these ideas we found to get you started.

Decorate with Date

Dates are the number-one staple of Ramadan, across all Muslim cultures. Consider having dates front and center during Ramadan by shifting dates out of the cardboard box they came in and into golden or silver decorative bowls for the season. Display the festive bowls in your kitchen.

Light Lanterns

Ramadan’s core traditions take place at nighttime. Once upon a time, before electricity, people used oil lanterns as their source of light to help them carry out Ramadan’s nighttime traditions. Today, you can use battery operated decorative lanterns inside your home—and on your porch—to help give your home a festive Ramadan glow.

Scent Your Home

A good scented candle makes a home holiday-ready in minutes. Choose a scent that speaks to you and light your candles during the night in Ramadan, particularly during the last 10 nights of Ramadan. If incense is more your thing, you can find plenty of non-headache inducing options for that, too, nowadays—with well-designed incense holders, too.

Write Eid Cards

Eid cards are a great way to celebrate the holiday with family and friends near and far—and they’re also a simple way to include Eid in the workplace when gifted amongst coworkers. You can also use Eid cards to express gratitude to community members.

Craft With Kids

Keep kids engaged throughout the month with fun, holiday-themed crafts. Toddlers and elementary-aged kids will love this moonsighting binoculars craft. Make them a day or two before Ramadan is expected to start and see if you can spot the crescent moon that signals the start of the month.

Be Generous

Charity and giving are important aspects of Ramadan—and they can be something that your family does together. Your family can choose charities or activities where you can donate your money or your time. Whether you give money to a worthy cause that’s dear to your hearts, conduct a food drive, or volunteer with a local organization, it’s a great way to give more generously during the season.


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