The Best Children’s GPS Watches of 2022


Eventually, our children reach an age where they’re more independent. Perhaps they’re taking the bus alone to school, going to a friend’s house, or are simply spending more time on their own. This can be worrying for any parent — we’re used to being by their side, making sure they’re safe.

Since we can’t have them home forever, we must look for other ways to keep an eye on them. A phone would probably be the first thing that comes to mind. However, depending on your child, they may not be mature enough to handle their own phones.

A good alternative is a GPS watch. You don’t have to worry about them losing a watch like they might a phone since it will always be strapped on their wrist when they’re out.


Why Buy a GPS Watch for Your Child?


It can be easy to view GPS watches as toys. But if you invest in one with the right features, such gadgets can be a great benefit.

A GPS watch helps you keep track of your child at all times. The Global Positioning System (GPS) utilizes satellites to track its approximate location.

Many will have a backup LBS tracker, which uses cell towers to communicate its whereabouts.

Most kids’ GPS watches work the same. They ask you to download an app that gets updates from the GPS inside the kids watch. Some high-tech models even allow you to set a limited perimeter, alerting you when your child steps out of it.

It has been estimated that approximately 800,000 children are reported missing each year within the U.S. (1). If your child goes missing when they’re wearing one of these devices, you can find their location quickly.

Even if the watch is removed or broken, it will still transmit where it last was. Many parents say that their child wearing a GPS watch gives them some peace of mind, particularly after the youngster starts school.




  • One feature that was at the top of our watch’s must-have list was SOS alerts. This is a specified button, which your child presses in an emergency. The watch then automatically calls out to a selected group of numbers that also receive notifications. Almost all devices with this feature will continue calling the numbers until someone answers.
  • Accuracy is essential with such a watch. However, not all are equally precise. When searching, always look for watches that utilize GPS, not merely LBS, WiFi, or Bluetooth. Bluetooth, in particular, is fairly useless for tracking because it has such a short-range. There are different methods of identifying a location, which can make the reading more accurate, but usually, it’s best to stick with GPS.
  • Another great feature to look for is two-way calling. This transforms the watch into a mini-phone, allowing you to stay in contact at all times. You will usually have to use an app to add phone numbers into the watch’s phonebook. Some models will then only allow the selected numbers to call, blocking others. Most also answer automatically when you call, preventing your child from declining. To use these functions, you must purchase a compatible SIM card. This will depend on the manufacturer of the watch and your location in the world. When used in the U.S., most typically call for Nano cards from T-Mobile.
  • The watch must be durable. A common material that manufacturers use for the strap is non-toxic silicone, which is soft and comfortable to wear. Another good thing to look for is a waterproof exterior. Having to remove the watch every time it rains or when washing hands can get tiring. Plus, forgetful kids may not remember to put it back on.
  • Cameras are included on almost all GPS watches. It doesn’t necessarily add to the safety benefits, but it’s fun for the child. They can snap all the memorable moments and then upload them to a computer or cloud storage.

Top Picks

  1. TickTalk 4 Unlocked 4G LTE Kids Smart Watch Phone
  2. Rayph Store Kids’ GPS Smart Watch
  3. Blackview Kids’ GPS Waterproof Smartwatch
  4. Laxcido Kids Smart Watch Waterproof
  5. 4G GPS Kids Smartwatch Phone Tracker
  6. Xplora X5 Play Watch Phone for Kids


Investing in a GPS watch for your child can prove to have many benefits. You will always know approximately where your child is and call them when you need them.

The best kids’ GPS watches include an SOS button, two-way calls, durable materials, and a fun camera. You should also look for high accuracy that only true GPS can provide.

Teach your child this isn’t a toy and that the SOS button is only for emergencies. Also, get a compatible SIM card so you can stay in contact at all times.

To learn more about each model’s pros and cons, click HERE.

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