The Busy Mom’s Exercise Schedule

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Real moms dish on how they find time to work out with crazy schedules, clingy toddlers, tight budgets, chronic sleep deprivation and zero athletic talent.

Call us crazy, but when it comes to reading advice about staying fit as a parent, the experts we want to hear from are the moms who make it happen. These fit moms find a way to workout even when it seems impossible, so Parents Magazine asked them to share their stories, secrets and best exercise tips so you can too!

Here are a few motivational tips from these mamas:

“I commit to exercising at the office.¬†These days, if I don’t get up and move away from my desk, I feel sluggish during the day. Exercising at work also helps me sleep better.”Eliza Belle, mom of two (4,2)

“My kids are my workout buddies.The deployments are hard, and exercise helps my anxiety tremendously. Even if there’s a lot on my plate, I’ll commit to five minutes of movement, and it almost always leads to more. When I’m strong on the outside, I feel like Wonder Woman on the inside. That mentality has gotten me through days when I wanted to curl up and cry.” Chris Benson, mom of two (4,2)

“I found my squad–and they motivate me. It’s not easy to be confident when none of my old clothes fit. I really enjoy working out now, and emotionally, I feel stronger too. After Grace is old enough to go to school, I’ll have what all the moms call Empty Stroller Syndrome-I’ll still bring my stroller to class to carry my weights, even if I have no child in it!” Charne Greene, mom of one (11 mos)

“I get up early. Like, really early. I do have mornings when I think, ‘Ugh, I’m too tired!’ But most days, I push myself. I enjoy my time with my girls more when I’ve had ‘me time’ early in the morning.” Jennifer Mazzoni, mom of two (3, 18 mos)

“I wrote fitness into the rules of my life. My parents are in their 70s, and they still hike, swim, practice yoga and cycle. I want my kids to see me making that same effort to take care of my body and have fun while doing it. Plus, if I skip more than two days of working out, I’m irritable. Caregiving is rewarding, but it’s also demanding.” Alena Gerst, mom of two (5,3)

To read the full article including their stories and personal motivating factors, please click HERE.


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