The Newness


The newness wears off around now.


I know most posts about one week olds are usually all rainbows/sunshine, and don’t get me wrong, this little nugget has us just over the moon . We are so so happy she’s here and love our little family of 4 and I wouldn’t change a thing.


But…can we also just be honest and talk about how the adjustment definitely starts to take a bit of a toll around now too?


The adrenaline wears off a bit.

The sleepless nights start to catch up to you.

The new routine leaves little time for being with Nick just us two.

The once full, moving belly is now empty, soft, and squishy.

Boobs are full and painful.

Postpartum hormones are raring.

Self care has kind of taken a back seat…


Having a newborn is HARD. Learning to be a mama and parent to not one little one, but now two is even harder (for me at least).


And I know this time is an adjustment, and it is totally normal, but I just want be honest on here.

One week with this little girl and it’s been absolute love but that doesn’t mean it isn’t exhausting and challenging at times too. And that is okay.


Becca Chilczenskowski is a wife and mother of two. She is the co-owner of FitMomLifestyle


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