The Non-Item Holiday Gift Guide


People become less happy with material purchases over time, and more happy with experiences. Why? It’s science. No, really. We adapt to physical things so, a new toy, phone, etc. becomes commonplace while memories tend to get fonder over time. This year, give gifts that will make your family and friends happy using this gift guide!

For The Kids

“I want more toys in my house!” – said no mom ever.

  • Tickets. To a sporting event, concert, broadway show, etc. Who doesn’t remember the first concert they went to? Red Hot Chili Peppers 😉
  • Passes. To an amusement park, play zone, movie theater, etc. It’s the gift that keeps giving all year long.
  • Classes. Art, dance, music, cooking, coding, riding, rock climbing, sewing, etc. The possibilities are endless. It’s a great way to support an interest or introduce a new one! 
  • Audiobook subscription. Audiobooks are perfect for all ages. 
  • Gift certificates for mani-pedis or to get their ears pierced. The latter was a big hit with my niece a few years ago. Just make sure you ask first!
  • Coupons to “spend” at any time. Movie night. Go out to eat. Stay up half-hour past bedtime. Chore free day. Get creative!
  • “Your Day”. Give your kid a one-on-one day with you. I love this idea for big families.
  • “Open When” letters. An especially great idea for high school and college age kids. Open when you’re sad. Open when you can’t fall asleep. Open when you feel lonely. Open when you fail an exam. Open when you’re upset. 
  • A gift given to a charity chosen by the child. Our little ones have such big hearts! Let the child choose a charity and give a gift in the child’s name to that organization.


For The Family

We started giving family gifts to our extended families a few years ago and we’re never going back. It’s so much easier (and less stressful!) to give a family gift than it is to buy for each individual in the family.

  • Memberships. Between museums, science centers, nature centers, pools, the possibilities are again, endless.
  • Subscriptions. Which family wouldn’t love an Amazon Prime or Netflix subscription?
  • Adventures. Think escape room, scavenger hunt, ropes course – a fun, unique gift.
  • Gift certificate for family photos. Memories captured in print. 


For The Moms

For you and all the amazing moms in your life

  • Spa gift card. This is always, always, always appreciated. 
  • Restaurant gift cards. Perfect for a cooking free night. I also love giving this as a hostess gift because, let’s be honest, the last thing you feel like doing after you host a dinner or party is cooking. 
  • Certificate for services. Everything and anything from house cleaning to meal planning and prepping. 
  • A closet organizing session. Eliminate the daily stress of a messy closet and make getting dressed a joy instead of a chore.
  • A session with a stylist. To reimagine what’s in her closet and put together “go to” outfits for all the different roles she plays.
  • Workshop or classes. A great idea for the mom who wants to learn a new skill or has a business idea but doesn’t know where or how to start. 
  • Coupons to “spend” at any time. Sleep in. Kid free trip to Target. Pick what to watch on Netflix. My husband did this for my birthday and I’m going to ask for a new pack for Christmas.



This holiday season, instead of filling your and your loved ones’ space with gifts, fill their hearts with a memory instead. 

Written by: Catherine Gibel, Professional Organizer
Less is More Organizing Services Naperville 

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