This Body of Mine


This body is one I appreciate so much.

While the fitness industry is filled with six-pack abs, I’ve never gotten to that place. As hard as I tried and as much as I ‘dieted’, ate less than 1300 calories, did hours of fasted cardio and HIIT workouts…I still didn’t get the six-pack.  I got to a place I drove myself crazy trying to look like other fitness influencers. I felt inferior, unworthy, and compared my body to others, which was unfair to myself.

A few years ago this smacked me in the face and I did a lot of reflecting on it as I came home from a seminar full of health and fitness coaches. I realized that 75% of them looked like me. Normal people who train, take care of their bodies- and we were all in different seasons of our life – some postpartum, some in high stress times, some in the peak of their aesthetic goals and some finally able to eat normal and be free from their own battles with food and eating disorders.

I decided on my way home that I was going to be the best version of me, stop comparing and share my message to help women see a healthy reality instead of trying to fit the ‘look’ of the fitness industry [where everyone is a size 2 and has a six pack, never eats a cookie and spends 2 hours in the gym].

My health is more important, and how I feel is more important. My relationship with myself, nourishing my body and eating and training smart is more important. My lifestyle and relationships with others is also more important. What can I say, I value date night with my husband.

See, many people think “if I just look better, if I lose weight… THEN I’ll be confident”.

We all want to be confident in our bodies, I get it. But perhaps the VERY thing that is fueling the lack of confidence is the perfectionism approach that fuels failure and is unsustainable.

I’ve never felt better since putting my health first, saying “F it” to the unrealistic standards and taking back control of MY relationship with myself, food, letting go of comparison and conquering the ever present imposter syndrome.

I am always working on myself,  for myself, and appreciate this body, a strong body, for all that it has allowed me to do in life and continues to allow me to do

Tell me this: What is one thing you appreciate about your body?

You can find out more about Liz Roman HERE or on IG @lizromanntrition


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