This Mom’s Creative Idea is a Win for Us All


My good friend Jessica Todd of Jessica Todd Designs and her daughters are having a lot of fun with their school’s art challenge.

“I have been blown away with how quickly our school district and elementary school jumped into action to provide virtual leaning curriculum,” said Jessica.  One learning option that really peaked her children’s interest is a Facebook page where students could share their art.  Launched by two art teachers at the school, the page offers a platform for children to showcase their weekly art projects and participate in a virtual art challenge.

The challenge–which originally came from the Getty Museum–asked students to mimic famous art pieces using objects that they had in their home.  “I am an interior designer so I do feel that helps us when we do these photo shoots,” said Jessica.  “I look for art pieces that have color palettes similar to our home and have details and pieces we can mimic with what we have here. I have loads of fabric stored away from various projects around my home and the fabric has been a major part of all of our projects. We adopted a dog a little over a week ago and gave him some time to acclimate and featured him in our latest art piece. He is too cute not to show off.”

Below are pictures of Jessica’s daughters along with the pieces of famous art they are mimicking.

“The pictures have been very well received and the project has felt like something that we can do to entertain people and make them smile,” adds Jessica. “We are just trying to get by during this time and figure if we can make ourselves smile and other people smile, it’s a win.”



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