Tips for Keeping Kids Safe in the Heat


Although you may already be thinking about back-to-school shopping and school schedules, summer is still going strong–especially this weekend when we will once again see temperatures near 90.  NBC5 shared some tips from Chicago pediatrician Dr. Marcelo Malakooti on how to keep kids safe during hot days:

“Ensure your children drink plenty of water, and sports drinks that put electrolytes back in the system,” says Dr. Malakooti. “Make sure this is done before, during and after activities.”

Dress in Light and Loose Outfits
“Light clothing reflects heat and loose clothing allows skin to breathe.”

Timing is Everything
“Avoid strenuous activities with kids between noon and 6 p.m. Get out in the morning and do indoor activities in the heat of the day.”

Know the Serious Signs
“Watch for muscle cramping, headache, dizziness and a lack of perspiration, all of which could be signs of heat stroke.”  Should you suspect your child is suffering from heat stroke, call 911.

Here’s to having a cool rest of the summer!

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