Tips for Traveling with a Toddler


If traveling is part of your holiday agenda, you may wonder how to keep your sweet toddler busy and comfortable during long car rides, airplane trips and hotel stays.  Here are some tips inspired by an article written by Jodie Lynn:

  • Plan Ahead
    Make sure you know what you will be doing ahead of time.  Not only does this allow you to plan around nap times and feeding schedules, but it helps with packing. Throw in an extra jacket for colder climates or crayons for entertaining while waiting for the big family dinner at the restaurant. If you need bigger items such as strollers and high chairs, call ahead to your hotel to see if they are available or ask local family and friends if you can borrow them upon arrival.
  • Be Flexible
    Let your child’s schedule dictate your plans.  “Choose the best times to travel depending on your child’s napping patterns. Maybe traveling earlier or later in the day than you’d previously considered would be best,” writes Lynn. In addition, have a bag filled with sticker books, drawing boards, or magnetic storyboards—anything that can be used in a pinch when plans go awry.
  • Pack Snacks
    You can never have too many snack options. Pack snacks in easy, go-to containers that can go from bags to cars to hotel rooms quickly
  • Bring Extra Items
    Don’t just pack extra clothes; also pack extra items that are favorites of your child—such as a blanket or stuffed animal.  “It’s much better to be safe than sorry in this situation when you’re sightseeing, eating out, or in a hotel room,” says Lynn.
  • Create a Playlist
    Familiar music is one of the best ways to ease a fussy child.  Before you leave, create a playlist of some of their favorite songs—encourage them to help you pick them out.

Read the entire article here.

What tips do you have for traveling with your toddler?

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