Valentine’s Crafts for Littles


If you’re a parent of a toddler or preschooler, your Valentine’s Day this year might include sticky fingers and heart-shaped pancakes. But if you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate this holiday that doesn’t involve sweet treats, check out these craft ideas perfect for even the littlest hands.

Handprint Frame

Salt dough may be the ideal medium for Valentine crafts. Easy to mix and safe for kids, it lets you and your toddler make adorable, enduring keepsakes, like these handprint frames from Messy Little Monster. They preserve both your child’s little handprint and a picture of them at the age the print was captured.

Heart-Shaped Bird Feeder

This heart-shaped bird feeder from Wine and Glue is one of those Valentine’s Day crafts for kids that’s a total win-win. It’s a super-fun activity that also teaches little ones about caring for animals. And when you’re in preschool, making anything with birdseed is automatically awesome.

Framed Button Heart

This is a great Valentine’s Day craft for preschoolers, simply because it’s cute as a button (pun intended). Your kids will love making this super-easy craft by Carrie Elle, and you’ll love showing it off for years to come.

Coffee Filter Suncatchers

Sarah at The Farm Wife Crafts puts a festive spin on the standard coffee filter kids’ craft, using hearts and holiday-specific colors. This craft isn’t a classic for nothing—preschoolers are endlessly amused by spraying the water and watching the colors spread.

Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamps

The best Valentine’s Day crafts for toddlers are easy for little hands to manage. And what’s easier (and cheaper!) than Valentine crafts made with toilet paper rolls? Pretty Prudent explains how to transform these common household items into heart stampers. Simply dip them in red or pink paint and let your little cupid go to town

Puffy Paper Bag Hearts

Looking to take your child’s fingerprint art to the next level? Happy Hooligans shows you how to make a paper bag into a puffy heart decorated in fingerpaint. Little kids will need help stitching the heart together with yarn, but the cuteness sure is worth it! If you’re worried about the level of mess, you can use stampers instead of fingers to apply the paint.

What is your favorite Valentine’s craft idea? Be sure to share it on The Branch community page!


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