Want to Be a Happy Parent? Let Go of these 8 Things


Parenting is hard—and sometimes, we as parent make it harder than it has to be.  Mother.ly recently shared 15 things we should let go of in order to enjoy the parenting journey even more.  Here are 8 of our favorites.

  1. “Supposed to”
    Holding onto the way things are “supposed” to be, you may miss enjoying how they actually are.
  2. Keeping score
    Keeping score wastes energy. Just do what you feel inspired and able to do and stop comparing yourself to other parents.
  3. Your need to look perfect
    Embrace your imperfections. Laugh at yourself. The best parents are willing to always learn, change and improve.
  4. Worry
    Compulsive worrying doesn’t make your child any safer. It doesn’t make you any happier. And it teaches your children to live in fear.
  5. Your role as events coordinator
    Make plans that are supportive to your children’s development, but don’t map out every minute for them.
  6. Unhealthy self-sacrifice
    You shouldn’t give up your core self just because you’re a parent. When you ignore your basic needs, you teach your children that when they grow up, they shouldn’t take care of themselves.
  7. Guilt
    Guilt can be useful if you use it to recognize where you need to make changes. But overwhelming, paralyzing guilt that makes you feel worthless as a person or parent doesn’t accomplish anything.
  8. Your own childhood story
    Don’t trap your children now in your fears of the past. Let them go. Create what you want, not what you don’t want.

Read the entire article here.

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