Ways to Give Back This Season


Tis the season for expressing gratitude and appreciating all that we have. If you find yourself in a position to help others, there are so many different ways you and your family can give back this season. 


Here are some charitable giving ideas for the holidays that you and your family can take on to bring cheer to those who need it most:


  1. Be extra generous with gratuities: delivery drivers, dining out, salon services…a little extra goes a long way for individuals in the service industry.
  2. Give to your favorite charity. Involve your children by having them look into different charities that appeal to them such as an animal shelter, or a toy drive. Even a few dollars can make a difference.
  3. Consider charitable donations for gift giving this year. So many people are trying to reduce clutter. Instead of giving another coffee mug or box of chocolates, consider making a donation in someone’s name. 
  4. Spread holiday cheer for video chatting with family members who don’t live close by. This doesn’t cost a penny and a conversation with an older relative who might not be able to travel this season would make their day!
  5. Volunteer at a local food bank. They’re always looking for helpers, big and small, to help in a variety of ways. This is their busiest season. 
  6. Donate food to local hospitals or firehouses. Check with them before you head over, but nurses working long shifts, or firefighters working over the holidays would surely appreciate food sent to them with love and appreciation. 
  7. Shovel snow or take out the trash for an elderly neighbor: Great for your kiddos. 
  8. Write letters to military members. Remember, they don’t get to spend the holidays with their families. Show them your gratitude by writing them a letter of thanks.
  9. Donate to a local animal shelter. They are often in need of cleaning supplies, food, blankets, and toys. 
  10. Random acts of kindness: hold the door open, smile at strangers, call or message someone from your past who influenced you positively. Little gestures make an impact. 


“I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.”-Maya Angelou

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